ProfitUp business intelligence is a solution designed to collect, process and analyze large amount of retail data, which helps you increase your profit and other KPIs.


Identify best sellers and reduce overstocks

Thanks to a detailed merchandise analysis you will be able to identify bestsellers or products with poor performance, thus eliminate and reduce overstocks. ProfitUp empowers you to compare and evaluate the merchandise effectiveness of individual items, categories, geography and vendors. You will be able to optimize the product assortment, pricing and develop sustainable category plans.


Keep track of all stores. Everywhere

ProfitUp store operations reports and analyses enable you to monitor the performance of your stores by multiple key performance indicators like revenues, margins, sales per square meter and many more. By integrating data from traffic counters, you will be able to analyze sales and traffic trends per hour or day and optimize staff scheduling or adjust marketing promotions like happy hours.


Know your customers before they enter your store

Surviving in today’s fast-paced and competitive retail environment depends highly on understanding the customer behaviour. ProfitUp allows you to determine, which products customers buy in combination, how frequently they buy them and how price sensitive they are. You can use all these information to strategically plan the marketing campaigns, to perform customer segmentation and to maximize customer acquisition and retention.


Manage your inventory effectively

ProfitUp empowers you with reports and analyses that help you identify fast-selling products as well as products, which are frozen or not selling so fast. Having all these information, you will be able to take appropriate steps such as discounting and promotion. ProfitUp also monitors how age composition of stock changes over time to help you manage the orders more efficiently.


Employee tracking and marketing analysis

ProfitUp provides you with all of the important performance indicators of your employees that allow setting up an effective remuneration system. Also with help of smart marketing reports, you will be able to measure effects of your marketing activities on different aspects of business.


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